Mobile Car Detailing Business An Ultimate Guide

Mobile Car Detailing Business: If you want to know how to start a Mobile car detailing business then you are at right place. In this article we are going to give you a ultimate guide on how to start a business of mobile car detailing. Before starting it’s business we must have a in depth knowledge of mobile car detailing.

Why Mobile Car Detailing:

In this type of detailing customer who want to wash it’s car don’t have to visit any physical location and car detailing shop. Customer just have to call mobile car detailer and they will wash your car by visiting your desired place like home and office.


Advantage of mobile car detailing business:

Every business have some advantage and disadvantage. In Mobile car detailing business you will get advantages which are given below.

  • No need of physical Business location.
  • Limiting start up cost
  • Need less number of workers for that person.


Disadvantage of auto detailing business:

As far as negative points of auto detailing business that is quite low as compare to any other type of car detailing business.

  • You must be ready to give service or work outdoors in  bad weather also.
  • You have to travel outside with tools supplies and large amount of water also.
  • Purchase business car insurance, chances of damaging private vehicle is  always be there.


Step by step How to start Mobile car detailing Business:

Now we will give you a step by step information regarding how to start mobile car detailing business. With the help of these step you will know how easy is to start a mobile car detailing business.

Step1:Obtain given below equipment which very necessary  for starting  this business. These equipment are given below.

  • Cell phone
  • Medium or large-sized car, pickup or SUV Vehicle
  • Local business permit given by government
  • Business insurance
  • State tax certificate
  • Marketing materials
  • Water supply tank, pump, hose, electric generator
  • Cleaning chemicals and tools
  • Carry bags, boxes, compartments for tools and supplies

Step 2: Marketing your business by making visiting cards.

Step3: Advertise your business in local newspaper or through internet.

Step4: Purchase business insurance because your are working on the private vehicle and if any damage done by chemical, paint and tool can easily recovered through insurance.

Step5: Buy good and high quality car detailing equipment and supplies.

Step6: Apply for local business permit.

Step7: Check Water Discharge Laws of Your Local Municipality area.

Step8: For a good business always opt eco-friendly products.

Step9: Always check customer car before giving estimated price for detailing a car.

Step10: Before starting your business always target your market first.

Step 11: Always give some good deals for more business promotion.


Special Tip:

  • Contact investor of your local area for fund raising in your business. By doing this business you can denote a percent of your profit to some of the trusted NGO’s of your area.
  • Attend all calls of your customer who wants to take mobile car detailing service. Means you should always be online.


Need of the Hour:

Now a days mobile car detailing has become a need of the hour( learn more about car detailing). So by opting this business one can easily get benefited out of it in a very short interval of time. By giving a better and quality result at a economical price one can easily dominate in the mobile car detailing business. If found this article really help you then feel free to comment on the box given below.



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