Self Service Car Wash Do’s & Don’ts

There are two types of car owners in the would one who wants to wash their car by visiting nearest car detailing shop and second who wants to go with a option of self service car wash. Both these option have their own qualities of services. But when we are thinking to spent less on washing your car or we can say cheap car wash then you should go with self service car washes.

In this article we are going to explain those important things that you should keep in your my when you are going for a car wash. The list of some do’s are given below.

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Self Service Car Wash Do’s and Don’ts :

These tips which are given below will find you very useful in how to use self service car wash. You only have to find self service near me.

Self Service Car Wash Do’s:

  1. Find out the best self service Car wash bays or coin operated car wash system in your town.
  2. Find your best time for wash: After finding nearest self service car wash bay you have choose your best time for the car wash.  These wash bays are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Visiting self service car wash location and find out a empty bay. Each location offers four plus self service bays your convenience.
  4. Find the best price for your wash: In each wash bay the prices are mentioned on machine . All prices are depending upon which type of services are you taking. So must have a knowledge about some car wash prices that make your task easy.
  5. All car wash accept in quarters. So be assure that you have enough quarter in you slot.
  6.  Self service car wash features include:
    · Tire cleaner (optional depending upon type of wash bay)
    · Pre soak
    · Soap wash
    · Foam brush
    · Rinse
    · Spray Wax ( Last & final step of self service)
  7. Always do your task fast when you are using self service car wash bay. Because the machine charge according to minutes that you have used their service. For example the average price of a self service car wash is between $3 t0 $5 per 8 minutes.
  8. Turn the dial which is placed in your wash way according to the service and amount of dirtiness your car contain. For example your car is very much dirty then dial pr-soak cycle first and then soap or wash.
  9. Remove the floor mat out of the car and put it against the wall for spray wash.
  10. Your car should be on the center of the two walls so that you can enough space to move around your car of wash.
  11. First step in the car wash is to clean the tire.
  12. Second step is to turn the dial in to the pr-soak mode so that you can remove all the dust by high pressure air. It’s very important step for this type of car wash.
  13. After removing all the dust from your car now it’s time to wash your car. For washing the car you have to turn the dial into the soap wash mode. In this mode washing of your car take place with the help of soaping water spray that will remove all the dust particle from your car.
  14. After soap wash tun the dial in to foam wash mode. In this step car washing take place with the help of high pressure water that will remove all the foam made soap.
  15. Next after the wash you have the machine on the rinse mode that will rinse out all the water drops present on the car. The main function of this mode is to dry your car in very less time.
  16. The last and Final step you have to follow is spray wax. In this mode is to look your car more shiny.

These are some of important steps you have to follow for a better self service car wash. Now one thing also come’s our mind is what are the don’t we have to avoid for a good self service car wash.

Self Service Car Wash Don’ts:

  1. Please check the car wash machine before putting the coin into it. Some times we put coin in to a machine that have a note message “The machine is out of order”.
  2. Never park your car on one side of the wall that will create difficulty in car wash. Make sure you have provided yourself with enough room to walk around your car.
  3. Avoid chilly days for car wash.
  4. Don’t spread all you car accessories like mats, seat cover etc. Put all you important accessories on the place so that you can easily grab it after completion of self service car wash.
  5. Don’t waste your time on making useless things. Read this car washing tips before doing that. A timer shuts the water off after a certain period of time that the company have given you. Every self service car wash machine charge according to your time of using their service.
  6. Always keep some distance from the very high pressure washer.
  7. Some times high pressure damage your car pain also.
  8.  Some car wash machine have too many extra options such as tire or engine cleaners, they charge extra for it.
  9. Never vacuum clean a wet car.
  10. Never visit any self service car wash bay without having enough quarters in you pocket for car washing.

Thanks to you on reading and giving this article a value. Please feel free on giving your valuable comments regarding self service car wash in the given below comment box.

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