Hand Car wash Equipment And Tips

Hand Car Wash: If want’s to clean your car in a best way than you must go with hand car wash. Now a days I am also searching for a best hand car wash near me shops. You can also clean your car in your home by using some of the best hand car wash equipment.

In this article we are going to make your task more easy by providing you all the important tips on hand car wash and the equipment which are using in this type of car wash.

Before we start  this article we going to clear the meaning of Hand car wash.

What is Hand Car Wash:

Whether you are choosing full service car wash or self service car wash you need some hand car wash equipment. With the help of these equipment a person can clean it’s car by own their hands in a better manner. There are so many hand car wash equipment are available in the market. But in this article we are going to provide the information regarding best hand car wash equipment and high quality products out of it.

Best Hand Car Wash Equipment:

Some of the best quality car wash equipment are given below in the list.

  • Hoses and nozzles
  • Car wash soap
  • Car wash polish
  • Cleaning products
  • Brushes and sponges
  • Waxes and their applicators
  • Tyre care products

There’s so much more hand  car wash equipment in the list. The explanation of these points are given below.

1.Hoses and nozzles : 

Hoses and nozzles plays a important role in the process of hand car wash. It is the one of the best equipment used now a days. Some of the high quality product comes under this section are given below.

  • Chemical Guys ACC2009 Ultimate Fire Hose Car Wash Nozzle
  • Carrand 92217 Jet Power Wash Wand with Bonus 3 Way Adjustable Nozzle


2- Car Wash soap:

Car wash soap also plays a vital role in hand car wash process. Soap which are specially made for your car remove deep dirt particles from the surface of your car in best manner. Some of the best car wash soap available in the market which has become popular among the best car detailing companies.


  • Meguiar’s G17748 Ultimate Wash and Wax – 48 oz
  • Griot’s Garage 10866 Brilliant Finish Car Wash – 64 oz.


 3.Car wash polish:

Polish also an important part of your car wash process. To protect your car finish you have to use a best brand of car polish which we use after any car wash. Car polish is best for removing dirt above and below the surface of your car.It also remove swirls and other impurity and makes a high-gloss shine to surface of your car. We are providing some of the best brand car polish available in the leading e-commerce sites are given below.

4.Cleaning products:

There are many cleaning product available in the market. But in this article we will only discuss about the best cleaning products which will produce a high quality result for your car.

  • Armor All 78452 National Car Care Kit
  • Meguiar’s G55032 Complete Car Care Kit

5.Brushes and sponges:

We personally recommend to our readers that washing their cars with a soft bristled brush specially made for car washing will given them a quality result. So here we are going to provide some of the best brushes and sponges used for washing your car.

6. Waxes:

Waxes has a big role on looking your car more glossy. If you want better protection for your car than you need to apply a car wax in at least every three months. Now a days there so many types of waxes available in the market like liquid wax and spray wax etc. Some of the best quality products in waxes are given below.

  • Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax – 16 oz.
  • Turtle Wax T-222R Super Hard Shell Paste Wax – 14 oz.


7.Tyre care Products:

Tyre is a back bone of your car. Caring your tyre is very important step that you must follow whenever your are washing your car. You should cleans, maintains and protects  your car tyres by using some of the best high quality tyre care products. Simply spray onto the tyres that looks your tyre as new and fresh like never before.

  • Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Gel – 16 oz.
  • Armor All 77960 Extreme Tire Shine Gel – 18 oz


Hand Car Wash Tips:

whenever you will go for hand car wash service than you must follow given below tips.

  1. Always use best hand car wash equipment.
  2. Always use free shipping products when you wants to buy equipment for online shops.
  3.  Don’t use detergent for washing your car it will leave scratches to your car surface.
  4. When applying a liquid or paste wax to your car surface, always use the beat technique that is apply it in a circular way.
  5. Always use microfiber sponge for cleaning purpose.
  6. Always use eco freindly car wash soap.

These are the some of the tips when you are a buying and using hand car wash equipment.


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