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Touchless Car Wash: Before discussing about touchless car wash equipment price we all must know what is the actual meaning touchless car wash. In this article we will discuss first meaning of touchless car wash. Topics we will cover in this article are given below.

  • Meaning of Touchless wash
  • Touchless Equipment Laser wash 360 for sale
  • Touchless wash Laser wash 360 Price
  • Touchless car wash franchise

Meaning of Touchless Car Wash:

There are two types of car wash first is touchless car wash and second is Cloth wash or we can say that hand wash car wash.

touchless wash consist of a high-powe­red jets equipment having water and best detergents to clean  car.  There is no involvement of any type of physical contact with the surface of the car. Only the water and cleaning agent actually come in physical contact with the surface of car.

Touchless car wash Equipment:

There are lots of touchless car wash equipment are available in the market now a days. We have researched a lot for finding some of the best touchless car wash equipment out of it and then we have compared their prices as well. Some of the best selling equipment which are specially made for touchless car washing are given below.

Laser Wash 360:

Laser wash 360 is the best touchless wash equipment in the world. The newest LaserWash® in-bay automatic car wash equipment increases the standard for touchless car wash equipment. The best feature of Laser wash 360 touchless wash equipment is it’s smart 360 technology. As far as price of this Laser wash 360 is concern we will discuss later in the Touchless car wash equipment price section.

Smart 360™ Technology: It enables the car wash system to give their best at extremely tough conditions in the wash bay and allows it’s system to “think for itself that will increases the efficiency, up-time and optimizing of the washing  process.

Best Features:

  • Smart 360™ Technology
  • Simple to operate
  • Overhead design with no floor steel
  • Tankless Operation
  • Virtual Treadle bay loading
  • Integrated FlashDry
  • Slip-Free Belt Drive
  • 3X Foam,
  • Super Sealant
  • Rain Rinse Arch
  • Bug Prep
  • Built-in Web Interface for Updating, Reporting & Monitoring
  • Internal Bridge Rollers
  • E-Chain Utility Routing

These are the key features of Laser wash 360 a best touchless wash equipment in the market.

Benefit of  Touchless Car wash:

There are some of the benefits of touchless wash which are given below.

  • Lower cost of ownership.
  • Reduction in water electricity bill
  • Increase revenue.
  • High return on Investment
  • Customers a safe, comfortable and easy to use wash experience.
  • Feature like Smart360 and lash dry increases efficiency of washing.


Laserwash 360 Price:

Price plays a major role for deciding to buy any equipment. Every customer wants best features at best price. So the above given touchless wash equipment gives best features at best price. It’s a pdqinc product which has a great name in the manufacturing and distributing the car wash equipment all around the world.

You can check price and buy it from the like given here click here


Laserwash 360 franchise:

If you are searching some of the best touchless wash franchises than don’t waste your time on that. We are going to provide some of the best franchise names where you can easily buy your touchless car wash equipment with industry best prices.



After reading this article I am sure now you have cleared all doubts in you mind regarding touchless car wash. This article gives you a brief idea about touchless wash and  franchise of touchless wash equipment like Pdq laser wash 360 sale and their best prices also. If you find this article really informative for you than feel free to give you valuable comment on the comment box given below.

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