Car Wash Equipment Supplies February 2022 List

Car Wash Machine Equipment and Supplies: Now a days every service has become automated. So for doing this automation we have to take help of equipment like car wash vending equipment & supplies, hand car wash supply list, mobile car wash equipment . Same in the case of car washing services detailing companies has now wants to become fully automated for this they need car wash equipment products and supplies. This is a one time investment on this equipment.

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There are so many car wash equipment companies but out of these only few are the best in the washing industries like autowash.

Autowash sells car wash equipment from the world’s leading and best car wash manufacturers. It’s car wash automated systems includes given below equipment.

  • Self service car wash equipment
  • Touch free roll-overs
  • Brush roll-overs
  • Touch free car washes
  • Brush drive through systems
  • Tunnel car washes
  • Conveyor car washes

Most popular equipment is Self service car wash equipment that has become the need of modern customer of our country.

Categories of car wash equipment:

Basically there are four categories of car wash equipment which are given below.

        1.Car Wash Brush

        2.Car Wash Kit

        3.Car Wash Machine

        4.Car Wash Vacuum

        5.Car wash Vending Machine


Here in this article we would like to give you a brief description of above four categories of wash equipment.

1-Car Wash Brush:

There are three types of car wash brushes are there which will clean your car in a very smart manner.

  • Soft car wash Brush
  • Car wash brush with handle
  • Microfiber car wash brush.


If you want to see features, price and images of above given equipment click here

 2- Car Wash Kit:

Given below car wash kit are available here .

  • Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit
  • Professional Car Wax Auto Polish Complete Care Kit
  • Car Window Silicone Wiper cleaning kit
  • Car Care Kit Shine Wax Polish
  • Ultimate Car Wash And Wax Microfiber Towel Kit

If you want to see extra features, best price and real images of above given equipment click here.

3- Car Wash Machine:

There are many car wash machines are available in the market but self service car wash machine has become very popular among the people. Some of the best car wash machine are given below.

For more car wash equipment you have to click here.

4- Car Wash Vacuum:

There lots of car wash equipment are falling in the category of car wash vacuum machine. Some of the best vacuum equipment are given below.

5-Car wash Vending Machine:

In the present auto market Large variety of car wash vending products available. Vending products are a great way to full fill the need of customers looking for the ‘overall’ clean. Car wash vending machines are of different types like Drop shelf, mechanical, electric, and glass front and so on.

These are the some of the best car wash vacuum machine that that you can use in your car detailing shop or in your home for washing your car . For detail about price and feature guide you may click here.

This is not the end of the car wash equipment list there are lots of names still there. I think now you have a clear idea about types of car wash equipment available and which is the best in the market. Please feel free to  write your valuable comments on the comment box given below. We are waiting for your suggestion  to make this site more valuable.

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