Car Detailing Prices Near Me & Average Cost

If you are visiting a car detailing shop then first thing come’s in your mind is car detailing prices. Basically we divide the car detailing prices on two factors first one interior detailing cost and second one is exterior detailing cost. But there are some more important factors by which car detailing prices will be fixed. Car or vehicle size is a major factor for price determination.

car detailing prices

Factors affecting Car detailing prices:

  • Car or Vehicle size
  • Experience of car detailing shop
  • Quality of the service

Car or Vehicle size:

Size and type of service you are availing plays a important role on fixing the car detailing price. For example if you have small car than you will go for a basic package and if you have a big vehicle than you will go for a advanced  package and some addition cost will be added by upgrading the service. Normally a car detailing shop offers   cleaning, polishing and waxing services to the exterior of the car. They also offers vacuuming, steam cleaning and polishing to the interior of the vehicle. In advance services they will go for eco car wash and laser car wash and so on.

Experience of car detailing shop:

This is also a major factor for determining the car detailing prices. In our words a best car detailing shop is that who has a big reputation in the industry and having a several years of experience of providing the satisfactory performance on delivering their service of car detailing. A good car detailing shop must have good professionals of it’s own. So a big industry brand name must have a good price package.

Quality of the service:

Quality of a service which provided by your car detailing shop also plays a vital role on determining the car detailing price. Every person should expect to pay more for high quality service. A quality car detailing shop always wants to make a better and long term relationship with their customer.

So they always offers discounts or coupons for such things like pre-payment of car detailing services, multi-car detailing package, long-term contracts for the car detailing. That’s what a customer want’s in the form of quality.


Basic Car Detailing Prices:

As we have written above various factor on which determination of  car detailing price takes place. So for avoiding an over payment on a car detailing shop we are going give a idea regarding the average car detailing prices.

Basically there are two types of services offered by car detailing shop.

  • Basic car detailing service:                   $50 to $100*
  • Premium car detailing service:           $150 to $200*

*Car detailing costs given above depend on the vehicle size, location, style of the car interior and the types of services provided. Some car detailing companies also offers coupon and discounts depend upon the type of package and deals taken by the customer.

Extra Costs for upgrading services

If anybody wants to upgrade their car detailing services than it will increase the cost of the service. Take look on some of the up grading services and their cost.

  • Premium wax service :                                                            $60 to $90.
  • Stream cleaning service:                                                          $80 to $130
  • Premium upholstery cleaning service( leather interior) :  $50 to $80.
  • Removal of a dent:                                                                      $65 to  $80.
  • Specialty vehicles detailing service*:

*Vintage cars, boats, premium cars and motor homes will cost a big amount as compare to other for any detailing services.


 Coupons & Discounts:

Now a days every one is looking for a discount coupon and same in the case of car detailing service also. Many car detailing shops now a days offers  discount to their customers who prepay for their services. These discount amounts will depend on the various factors like if  a customer wants to detail more than one number of vehicle.Than a special discount must be given to that customer.

The average range of discount and coupon for car detailing service is between $5 to $50. For any discount and coupons on car detailing prices you have to make research the discounts available from the car detailing shops near you.



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