Laser Car Wash An Exclusive Guide For You

Laser Car Wash: Now a days Auto and car detailing sector are using upcoming new technologies such as Laser car wash system to make this sector more competitive. Question arise here what is laser car wash technology?

It is a advanced type of car wash in which we use laser technology for removing dirt and swirls from the surface of  the car. It is a best effective touch less car wash equipment we have ever used. There are so many other touch less car wash systems in which we have some risk of getting damage done by some electronic washing equipment such as electronic brushes etc. But if you are using laser wash technology for washing your car than you have not worry about any type of damage to your car. So expert has recommended laser car wash technology than any other type of touch less car wash service present in the market.Laser Car wash img                                                                   Image Source:

Why Laser car wash:

Laser wash is only for that type of customer who want’s to clean their car without using any type of hand in the process. So we can say that If you are in a hurry or  you are looking for a smart quick, satisfactory clean, then this Laser car wash system might be good for you.


Laser Car Wash – Features:

Every one who wants to wash their car always looking for a best washing tip and technology. So customer always looking for the features of that washing technology. For that we are going to give you the list of feature that a Laser wash technology have.

  • Touch less in-bay automatic car wash system
  • Uses Laser technology
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced technologically and won’t damage your car in any way
  • Safe for all
  • Drying system also done by laser machine.
  • No use of hand in washing process.


Benefits of laser car wash:

If you wants to know some of the advantage of laser car wash then we have prepared a full proof benefits list which are given below.

  • Touch free car washing technology
  •  Much economical than any other touch free car wash system
  • Due to use of laser rays for washing your car, it will give a deep penetration for removing any dust and swirls and makes your car surface as new.
  • Double soap application for better car wash
  • Spot free rinse
  • Triple foaming polish
  • Use of temperature controlled detergent for better result.
  • No use of brushes means best result
  • High pressure laser gives better coverage than any other washing equipment


Demerits of Laser wash:

Every system has some merits and demerits of its own. Because there are many types of customers are in the market and there choice and taste are different. Some of the demerits of laser car wash system are given below.

  • Due to high pressure lots of water is wasted by laser car washes.
  • Not all laser car wash shops uses eco-friendly product for cleaning process.


Laser Car Wash prices:

The prices of laser car wash is totally depends upon different laser wash location. Wash prices will vary, currently $6 to $8 approx, depending on the type of machine and options the customers selects.

If you like this article very much and article has cleared all doubts about laser car wash technology than feel free to give your valuable comments in the comment box given below. If you also wants to do business of  laser touch less car wash than you can also read business plans regarding  this.





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