How to Find Nearest Car Wash Location

Nearest Car wash Location Near me : Finding a nearest car wash center has become a very important and tricky task now a days. For making your task easy We would like to give a detailed Idea about How to find a nearest car wash location or shop near you.

Before finding a nearest car wash shop first you have to think about which type of car washing service you want to avail. There are are so many types of car wash services centers are available like automatic car wash, self service car wash, hand car wash near you, water less car wash, laser car wash and so on.

Steps For Finding Nearest car wash location:

Here in this article we are going to reveal some of the secrets for finding a best nearest car wash shop or location near you which are given below.


First before finding any nearest car wash location near me you have to decide which type of wash service you want to get.


Suppose You are living in Washington USA and you would like to wash you car than we would like to give you a complete step by step guide for how to find a nearest car wash center near you.

Open a website Named:

nearest car wash center


Now you have opened in your browser. In next step you have to enter your location first. For example  I am living in 13Th St Nw Washington, DC 20005 USA. Enter Your Location to Find a Carwash Near You in which you have enter given below information.

  • Address
  • City
  • State or Zip Code

Take a look at the image given below with the help of this you will understand more deeply about it.

nearest car wash 2

Fill the Drop down list containing Miles with which you would like to find the nearest car wash location

  • With In 2 Miles
  • With In 5 Miles
  • With In 10Miles
  • With In 25Miles
  • With In 50 Miles
  • With In 100 Miles

After filling all the necessary information than press the SEARCH button.

Step4: Nearest car wash Locations:

After that you will get a list of all the nearest car wash location to you.

For example we are searching for the result of nearest car wash location near 13Th St Nw Washington, DC 20005 USA. With the help of this site we have find given below list as shown in image.

nearest car wash 3

Following list is the result of that Search

1-Mr Wash Car Wash – (Nearest Car wash Center as per our example)

about 2 mins (0.3 mi)
1311 13Th St Nw
Washington, DC
2-Discount Car Wash Inc No 4

about 7 mins (1.3 mi)
39 New York Ave Ne
Washington, DC
3-Kinkos Of Wash Inc

about 8 mins (1.2 mi)
800 21St St Nw
Washington, DC
4-Warwck Wash Cir

about 11 mins (1.4 mi)
2300 I St Nw
Washington, DC
5-Smoke Detail Hand Carwash
about 14 mins (3.2 mi)
1201 Bladensburg Rd Ne
Washington, DC
6-Mcdonald Custom Car Care Svcs

about 15 mins (3.2 mi)
3221 12Th St Ne
Washington, DC
7-Clean Cars
about 16 mins (3.7 mi)
4813 Blagden Ave Nw
Washington, DC
8-Spic And Span Auto Detailer

about 16 mins (3.5 mi)
5120 Georgia Ave Nw
Washington, DC
9-Finishing Touch Mobile Wash And Detail

about 18 mins (3.8 mi)
834 Jefferson St Nw
Washington, DC  

With the help of this image and information we have found our nearest car wash location which is given with the help of yellow high letter that is Mr wash car wash .

It is just 0.3 miles away from your location. You will also get their contact information like contact no. etc by just click on the link given there.


I think you have now a clear idea on how to find a nearest car wash center or location near me. So if this article  has really cleared all doubt regarding the same than please feel free to write your valuable comment  in the comment box given below.

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