Silvercar Rental Review How It is The Best

Silvercar is name of a car rental service provider in United States. With the help of Silvercar you can hire Audi A4s any time & any where. Silvercar rental has now become a first choice among people who want to take airport car rental service. Now the big question arise here why it is the best airport car rental provider among all other car rental service. Here in this article we are going to discuss some of major services in Silvercar review that make it different from other.

Silvercar Review:

If you are a traveler  and wants to travel through a premium luxury car then this Silvercar review is going to become must  read article for you. Silvercar rental service is very much famous because of its user friendly service.You can easily book your Audi A4s with the help of mobile app.

The rent of Silvercar is very much cheaper then other car rent providers. In this way Silvercar not only save your money but also gives you a best experience. People always think that can we get a luxury car like Audi A4s in a very nominal price. But the dreams come’s true with the help of Silvercar. When we researched about the fare for other airport car rental  providers such as ( Hertz & National) we were serprised to see the result because Silvercar luxury car fare is much cheaper then other’s economic car segment.

About Silvercar:

Silvercar is a simple and user friendly car rental company which is providing it’s service at various airports in all around the United states. They are popular in providing silver Audi A4 Car exclusively. There goal is to make airport car rental business so  simple that you don’t even need to do any paper work for the service. In this way they want to give best travel experience at very reasonable price.

Silvercar review rental

Why SilverCar:

There are many reasons for why we should go with Silvercar. One thing I would like to clear in this Silvercar review for my readers that no one is perfect in this world. But if you would like to take my opinion personally I will always recommend Silvercar. We are discussing some of the major points that makes it different from other airport car rental service providers.

Some of the cool features of Silvercar rental is given below.

1- They deals only in one type of car that is Audi A4.

2- Less Paper work on taking it’s rental car.

3-No lines, No crowd on picking your car.

4-Easy booking

5- Very user-friendly car booking app.

6- Smart car unlock system through it’s app.

7-Free GPS.

8-Free radio satellite

9- Cheap prices as compare to any other premium car rental provider

10- Very quick services as compare to other one.

11- Customer referral program in if your friend referred you through his referral then your friend and you both receive a $25 Visa electronic gift card. Silvercar referral program is much better than Ubar.

12- Pump price plus $5 surcharge which is much more than any other traditional car rental company

Silvercar Rental Locations:

Silvercar rental has been giving it’s car rental services from last four years. Now it is giving their car rental services in more than 13 cities all around the USA. The name of the cites these cities are given below.


  • Austin (Bergstrom International Airport
  • Chicago (O’Hare International Airport)
  • Dallas (Love Field and Dallas – Fort Worth)
  • Denver( Denver International Airport)
  • Fort Lauderdale (Hollywood International Airport)
  • Los Angeles (Los Angeles International Airport)
  • Las Vegas (McCarran International Airport)
  • Miami ( Miami International Airport)
  • Newark( Newark Library International Airport)
  • New York (off-airport in Brooklyn)
  • New York( Manhattan Silver Towers W.22nd)
  • Phoenix (Sky Harbor International Airport)
  • San Francisco(International Airport)

How to Reserve Your Car:

If you are going to to reserve your car through Silvercar Airport car rental service then you are at right path. Here we are going to write some of the simple steps for reserving your Audi A4 car from Silvercar.

The reservation is very simple and take only 2 to 3 minutes to complete

Silvercar review rental

STEP 1:First go to the official website of Silvercar rental. Or you can download the Silvercar app for reservation.

STEP 2:Now you have give some of the useful information like

Name of the Customer
Pickup Location
Pickup Time
Return Date
Return Time

STEP 3: You can also use promo code for reserving Silvercar car because it has very fabulous referral system or their customers.

Step 4: Now you have reserved you Audi A4. Now on pick up date and time you will receive a welcome  message and you will be further guided by login through your Silver mobile app.

One think I am 100% sure about Silvercar is that their procedure of reserving a car is very simple, easy and user friendly. You will also get some of premium services free with you Silvercar booking like free GPS and WiFi.  In the next section we will discuss about pricing of Silvercar rental service.

Sivercar Pricing Structure:

If we would like to search any car rental company then we always want to choose that company who gives best service at very best and nominal price. Price of any service always attract their customer indirectly. In Silvercar review we are going to show how descent it’s car rental pricing structure is.


As a first time rental, you get $50 off on your *estimated price.


You can also earn $25 if you refer a friend to save off your next rental *estimated price.

*Estimated price of your Silvercar rental includes various features such as given below.

  1. Guaranteed premium car rental a with unlimited miles.
  2. All taxes and airport fees included in estimated price.
  3. Optional insurance protection coverage
  4. Fair fueling promise means if you return your Silvercar with full tank then you don’t have to pay billed at the current local premium fuel rate for exactly what you use, plus a nominal $5 fill-up fee.


Silver Car Social Reach:

You can easily reach Silvercar via different social platforms. You can see here in given below links.

Check out their Official Facebook account for info.
Check out their Official twitter account for info.
Check out their Official LinkedIn  account for info.
Check out their Official Instagram account for info.
Some of the times, you can find coupons,Promo Code or other info around there.


Protection Coverage Option for Silvercar:

Silvercar offers an option of a insurance coverage when you reserve your car at rental. They provides four type of protection coverage for their customers which are given below.

Every thing that you need: This type of protection coverage coverage every thing that you wants to include. For example you, your stuffs, your Silver car, third party and its things.

Cost of this type of coverage is $49 per day.

Only Car: This type of option contains protection coverage for only your Slvercar.THe cost of this type of protection coverage is $28 per day.

You and  your things: This type of protection coverage include two type of insurance coverage one o these names as personal accident insurance, personal property insurance. The cost of this type of insurance is just $7 per day.

Other people and their things: This type of protection coverage option includes coverage against claims made by a third party for any injury and damage if an accident occurs. The cost of this type of insurance is only $14 per day.

Note: The price of above given protection coverage may vary according to location.


Review Based my experience:

Price                                  :     5/5

Service                              :     5/5

User Friendly                 :    4.5/5

Customer Satisfaction:    5/5

The main aim of writing this Silvercar review is to share my knowledge and experience to all my friends who always looking for a best option  airport car rental company. Honestly writing if you would like to take best car rental experience then no one can compete with silvercar rental service. As far as my rental experience with Silver car is concern I have only one word to say ” Awesome”.  for further query you can direction chat with their executive. I am sure they will clear all doubts regarding Sivercar rental.


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